Smart way to carry out your aromatherapy during sleep. Changeable carrier. Natural latex foam.

Aromatherapy is mostly carried out in two common ways:

  1. The essence is sprayed direct into the room or its diffused with a "diffuser".
  2. The essence is dripped onto the pillow or any other part of a rest area.


With these types of application, the following disadvantages may have to be considered:

  • In order to achieve an effect in bigger rooms, large quantities of essences may have to be be used.
  • Unfortunately, if the essences are sprayed or diffused into the room, there is no stopping everyone in the room from being treated, be it your spouse, your pet, or anyone else.
  • Dripped onto the pillow, at the beginning there is a high risk of overdose and later no effect may detectable any more. In addition, the pillow cover may become spotted.


The special technical design of our pillow eliminates all these disadvantages. Furthermore, it enables you to carry out your aromatherapy treatment on a new level with much more efficiency and more flexible:

  1. Exact dosing based on your personal needs.
  2. Very economical consumption.
  3. If desired, daily change of medication is possible.
  4. Use of different essences, mixed left/right or crosswise.
  5. No co-treatment of room-mates.
  6. Without essences - a normal natural latex pillow.


On both side of the pillow there are cavities in which you place the wool balls which serve as a carrier. The carriers are made in Nepal  from pure natural wool. They have a small recess in which the essences are dripped in. From the wool balls the essences will evaporate slowly during the night through the inner tubes inside the pillow and will came out direct around your head. This way the substances are inhaled during the night. Good essences will evaporate completely overnight and you can use the balls for a long period. 


2-8 drops are enough to achieve a continuous treatment during a full night sleep


We are looking for investors to set-up a factory for this new product category. 


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